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KF Bakes...Cookies

My entire life, I've drawn in the margins of any paper I could find. Today, I'm still drawing in margins--but also on decorated, personalized sugar cookies. It's not as if you need an extra reason to celebrate, but if you want beautiful cookies (that also taste really good), reach out! I'd love to create something special for your event. 

Pricing and Ordering:

Pricing begins at $65/dozen and is determined by size and type of cookies requested. 


I am a one woman kitchen and have limited availability. My calendar books up quickly so if you have a date in mind, please reach out for a custom quote and to inquire about availability as soon as you know it. I hate turning cookie lovers away. Feel free to email, text or fill out the google form. I will get back to you. 

HINT! Follow along for my calendar updates and flash sales on instagram @kf_bakes

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